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Our Clients


Active and Retired Military Personnel and their Families:

Sunnyside Rehab has been very fortunate to be able to serve the health and wellness needs of active duty military personnel and their families since we opened our business.  We have the utmost respect for those that serve our Country and want to do everything possible to meet their physical, occupational, and health needs.  Sunnyside Rehab has developed a strong working relationship with a majority of the local Navy and Marine Corps health and medical services facilities and welcomes walk-in visits and referrals from these agencies. It is our goal to provide physical and wellness therapy to all of our clients so that they may regain optimal health and well-being.


Referrals from Healthcare and Insurance Providers:

Sunnyside also welcomes referrals and patients from a large array of private healthcare organizations and providers. Please contact Sunnyside for more information on insurance programs that we accept and any requirements to obtain a referral from your doctor.  Sunnyside has a variety of physical therapy services and wellness programs that concentrate on improving mobility, core strength, and function as well as improving the spiritual and psychological well-being of our patients.


 Community Neighbors and Individuals:

Sunnyside is conveniently located close to communities and neighborhoods in the North San Diego area.  We strive to be a good neighbor and would welcome the opportunity to provide you with information on physical therapy and wellness programs to meet your individual needs.

Many of our patients have had an accident or an injury that still requires on-going physical therapy to reduce pain and suffering after their medical insurance no longer pays for treatment. We work with these patients to minimize their financial burden while providing a quality healthcare plan that will improve their physical and emotional well-being.

We have been very successful in working with these patients to identify and pinpoint their needs and to offer health programs to improve their quality of life and reduce the stress that these ailments create.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with potential new clients that have a history of stiffness or soreness in their joints and muscles or who have not completely healed from a prior injury.

Personal Evaluations:

If you have had any of the following injuries or suffer on-going pain in any of these areas we would like the opportunity to evaluate your injury or pain and explore your treatment options: 1) knee injuries or lower leg pain; 2) lower back strains or injuries; 3) sore shoulders or rotator cuff injuries; 4) head and neck stiffness or pain; 5) Fibromyalgia, CFS, Carpal Tunnel; and 6 )Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

At Sunnyside Rehab we take pride in our work and want to do everything possible to improve the health and well-being and the quality of life of our patients.  If you are active-duty military or a dependent or are one of our community neighbors we welcome you to our healthcare family and will treat you with the best service possible.  Please do not hesitate to seek our advice or to take advantage of all of our health and treatment options.  Please check our website for other important information and special offers.