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Community Neighbors and Individuals

We, They, You, everyone can be happy and well.

We, They, You, everyone can be happy and well.

Sunnyside is conveniently located close to communities and neighborhoods in the North San Diego area.  We strive to be a good neighbor and would welcome the opportunity to provide you with information on physical therapy and wellness programs to meet your individual needs.

Many of our patients have had an accident or an injury that still requires on-going physical therapy to reduce pain and suffering after their medical insurance no longer pays for treatment. We work with these patients to minimize their financial burden while providing a quality healthcare plan that will improve their physical and emotional well-being.

We have been very successful in working with these patients to identify and pinpoint their needs and to offer health programs to improve their quality of life and reduce the stress that these ailments create.  We welcome the opportunity to meet with potential new clients that have a history of stiffness or soreness in their joints and muscles or who have not completely healed from a prior injury.