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Massage Therapy

The roots of massage therapy, as a healing medium, go back thousands of years and is found in many civilizations.  Modern massage therapy is essentially the scientific manipulation of the tissues of the body by a licensed massage therapist to provide relief and comfort to the many muscular and skeletal systems of the body and to aid the body to heal itself.  The massage therapist is trained to provide multiple techniques and methods in their work to concentrate their efforts on the patient’s specific needs.  Please contact Sunnyside Rehab for more information on this important health and wellness service or to schedule an appointment. Massage Therapy session starts at:

$65.00 for 1 hour Session

$95.00 for a 90 minutes Session

SILVER MEMBERSHIP ($63/MONTH Automatic Renewal)- With this membership, you can invest in your health and wellness and enjoy a monthly hourly massage to promote general well being, decrease stress, decrease muscle tension, and relieve pain associated with our daily activities.

GOLD MEMBERSHIP ($120/Month Automatic Renewal)- With this membership, you can rest easy and be assured that your twice monthly Massage treatment will nourish and restore your physical body to its optimal state of wellbeing. Therapeutic Massage treatment helps to promote relaxation and has been found to help with depression, anxiety and mood disorders.