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The Student

In life, sometimes we need a teacher, a mentor, or a coach to guide us through some the though challenges we encounter. While some of us may already know what to do, it is an entirely different matter to execute and implement.

Left for dead in the Mountains of Tibet, this young man, an avid climber, a decorated Special Force soldier, a Muay Thai fighter and a former track and field athlete was at the mercy of a group of Tibetan Monks for his recovery. No previous knowledge or training could help at this time. He needed 100 percent assistance for all his basic needs. His recovery took more than a year, but boy did he recover!!!

There in the south part of Qinghai- Tibet plateau, the monks taught him QI Qong among other things. He learned and practice Qi Qong daily. Qi Qong literally means working with life energy. It is an ancient Chinese system of healing that dates as early as 2700 BCE and has for sister practice “Tai chi” which is more known in the western world.



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