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The Teacher

A long time ago in the old Soviet Union…..

This is the story of a young boy who was born in the Ukraine (Soviet Union) in the mid 1960’s. At an early age, the boy finds his passion playing sports primarily Water Polo, Track and Field, wrestling, boxing and the martial arts. Later at the age of 18, when it was time to serve his country, the young man was recruited to join the elite and one of the toughest Special Forces in the world known as the Russian Spetsnaz. The Spetsnaz was very few in numbers; for not many people can endure their intense training. In his unit, the young man, under the guidance of a powerful master, was subjected to rigorous mental, physical and spiritual training in order to become a “super Soldier”

The Story of the Teacher
The young man’s teacher was named Master Chen. Master Chen was an avid mountain climber. Once during a climb in Nepal, he fell down a cliff and was left for near death for nearly 3 days. Fortunately, his body was discovered by local villagers who brought him back to their village. Master Chen was so severely injured that the locals could not help him much. They decided instead to bring him to a Tibetan Temple. It was there, under the care of the Tibetan Monks that he later slowly begin the healing process.
The young Master Chen spent 7 years in Tibet where he learned and practiced a daily routine which consisted of specific mental, spiritual and physical exercises which were designed to improve all his faculties.

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