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A.K.A. “Dom”: Office Manager & Zumba Instructor

Domenica was born and raised in Seattle Washington. In 1998 her husband got stationed at “32nd street Naval Base”. She moved with him to San Diego and never left. She stuck her feet in and that was it. She’s gone native.  Even though she enjoys letting the sunshine soak into her pacific northwestern bones, she loves the people even more than the weather.

How did you get involved with Sunnyside?

I was a patient. My son was a patient, and in a conversation I had with Lude, she told me she was looking for an office manager. I told her I used to that for an auditing company and the next thing you know I was signing papers and booking appointments and answering the phone with my beautiful smile.

What do you love most about your work?

I love talking to the patients and getting to know them. Being more personable. It’s not just customer service. I think that after people come to sunnyside, they feel they have a connection here. There is something about the environment Lude has created that makes people just want to stay. They don’t want to leave. It’s like a family. Everybody brings a different something when they come.